FIREWEED: Friday night film list Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival 2024

CROSS COUNTRIES , France, Advisory: None, Film Synopsis: From the roots of mountain biking in the USA, to the dense Canadian forests and rock slabs of British Columbia, mountain biker Kilian Bron goes on another tour, this time on some of the most beautiful North American trails.

THE ASCENSION SERIES: MORAG SKELTON, United Kingdom, Advisory: None, Film Synopsis: Morag, who doesn’t let being deaf limit what’s possible on the mountainside, believes that nothing should come between anyone and getting out there in nature. As a deaf climber constantly pushing the limits of possible, she lives that belief.

SCHOOL OF FISH ***BEST SHORT FILM***USA, Advisory: None, Film Synopsis: Indigenous people and salmon have been intertwined for thousands of years in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The knowledge of harvesting, preserving, and sharing fish is as important here as any lesson in a book.

CHRONOCEPTION (TOUR EDIT), France, Advisory: None, Film Synopsis: On the trail of nomadic peoples and the ancient Silk Roads, Thomas Delfino, accompanied by Léa Klaue and Aurélien Lardy, embark on an expedition to reach one of the most remote places on the continent.

TO BE FRANK, USA, Advisory: None, Film Synopsis: Frank Paine is a 73-year-old South Bay icon and humble local legend whose life orbits around a two-block stretch of beach.

GOING GREENLAND, USA, Advisory: Coarse language, Film Synopsis: What happens when you combine a renewable energy sailboat with an arctic ski expedition in Greenland for the first time ever? Athletes Rachael Burks and Jessica Baker put the idea to test, and endure a both harrowing and inspiring journey along Greenland’s West coast fjords and towering mountains.

WELL WORN LIFE WITH DANI REYES-ACOSTA, USA, Advisory: Coarse language, Film Synopsis: Meet Dani Reyes-Acosta: a mountain athlete, land cultivator, and storyteller whose path consistently seeks the limits of her possibility, ticking off climbs and splitboard lines across South America.

REEL ROCK: DNA, USA, Advisory: Coarse language, Film Synopsis: 29-year-old French sport climber Seb Bouin has been quietly working his way through the elite grades, culminating in his attempt to establish a long pitch through an overhanging cave in the Verdon Gorge of France.

While we will always strive to show films listed, all film selections and programs are subject to change without notice.